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First and foremost LaxChix Lacrosse's mission is to GROW THE GAME of Lacrosse here on the Gulf Coast of Florida and BEYOND.  Lacrosse is rapidly growing throughout the USA as well as on  the Gulf Coast of our country from Pensacola, FL to New Orleans, LA.  We are here to foster the growth of the game. We happily travel to do Lacrosse clinics for new girl programs as well do PE classes.  For the wee chix and boys  we have our Hatched Lacrosse Soft Stick program. 


Team LaxChix Lacrosse is here in Pensacola/Gulf Breeze Lacrosse communities and beyond  to give a quality experience to all girls from all over. Team LaxChix is an opportunity for girls to come together with LaxChix from different Elementary, Middle and  High Schools,  where they can make new friendships and play lacrosse. 


We are about having girls learn to the love the game of lacrosse and learn valuable life lessons on and off the field.  We play to win always. Win or lose we honor the game. 


  • Play in the spirit of the game

  • Honor traditions

  • Promote the virtues of honor, integrity and respect

  • Encourage acts of good sportsmanship

  • Value the importance of teamwork

  • Own the responsibility and connection to the greater community


Coach Carlee Costello is a Keeper of the Game and honors its principle.  She is also a Level 3 US lacrosse certified coach. Please go to www.uslacrosse.org learn more! 

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